Drop & Cut

The Drop & Cut function makes it possible and efficient use of material remnants, even irregularly shaped and with the openings. The cutting process of details no longer requires a separate programming or measuring sheet. The operator no longer needs to check (measure), whether elements fit on the sheet located into the machine.

Thanks to placing inside the machine a video camera, the Drop & Cut system is able to monitor the area of metalworking and allows to use the remains of a metal in order to make other items. From an open file an operator can choose details that intends to further cut. Easily and with full cerainty it can verify, whether the selected details fit on residual material set in the machine. Just a single movement of the finger can move a virtual material of the elements to be cut. The operator can rotate them and decide which item in which place should be cut. This software will not allow to cut out the part that does not fit on the material. Cutting of new components does not requires new programming.


  • simple use of oddments;
  • material saving;
  • time saving;
  • the ability to prewiev the cutting process;
  • errors minimization.