Discover the highest quality of professional laser cutting machines for steel industry.

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We create not only the best Fiber lasers on the market, but also automation.

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Our company is defined by people. Young, creative, people who acieve deep satisfaction by te realisation of their own ideas. What unites us and makes the company more than a mere workplace is the desire to create innovative devices.

About us

Our products

The iNspire cutting machines are state-of-art, extremely precise and dynamic machines dedicated to demanding mass production.
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The eVision laser cutting machines are an economic solution for diverse production of large and small product batches.
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Eagle eSmart is an economical choice for all those who need trouble free, simple to use laser cutting machines. Devisces of this series require little space, are perfect for the machine manufacturing companies.
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Customized machines
We offer the opportunity to supply laser cutting machine for non-standard sizes, to suit individual production needs. Sometimes, the best solution is the order atypical machine. Therefore, our engineering team will design the machine as required, so that you do not have to settle for a compromise unprofitable for its production.
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15 November 2017
Blechexpo 2017 summary >
EAGLE wants to summarize Blechexpo 2017 exhibition in Stuttgart, Germany.
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20 November 2017
VTM 2017 exhibition summary >
EAGLE summarizes the VTM 2017 exhibition in Denmark.
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25 January 2017
Dealers Training 2017 - check out our coverage >
Coverage about the Dealers Training 2017. Event was organised for our dealers from around the world.
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