About Eagle

Company profile
POWER-TECH company  specializes in manufacture of laser cutting systems, which use the newest laser technology Fibre laser source. 

We can give you an advice which series and type of the machine will be relevant for yours needs. EAGLE believes that machines and devices will not wear and break in the future.

Company is concentrated on manufacture and construction especially efficient , fast machines and is not interested in production of standard series products. That is why we can fulfil individual client’s needs. It’s not quantity but quality of products which satisfies us. Wisdom and professionalism – that’s our goal. We are concerned about client’s needs, we want that client significantly increases efficiency, quality and velocity of work and earn more after purchase of our laser cutting machine. We can give you an advice which series and type of the machine will be relevant for yours needs.

In Eagle we believe that machines and devices will not wear and break in the future. They will be built in such way and from such quality materials that they simply will not break or they will be self-repairing or an operator will have to only replace broken part. In most demanding failures the repair will need phone or internet contact with manufacturer. The structure and policy of our company is built in a way in which we will not earn money on spare and wearing parts.

Why EAGLE laser cutting machines?
As the first company on the market we invested in fiber technology and we developed it for years to come.


As the first in the world, we launched a 6 kW cutter to sell today's machines up to 12 kW.

In order to pursue the plans of the company we have organized around young, smart - the best people in Europe, qualified specialists in various fields. We have a team of specialists who are aiming at introducing innovative cutters according to the ideal machine concept.

EAGLE laser cutters feature the fastest real time control on the market and use of modern materials in their construction, such as polymer concrete and carbon fiber. In addition, the EAGLE machines are the only ones equipped with linear motors in all axles. Our designs utilize advanced technologies, advanced materials, and advanced design and programming methods. There is no compromise between quality and performance and the price of components and materials.

As EAGLE, we stick to the highest standards and create the highest quality machines - with F1 standard.

We produce the best components available on the market without qualitative compromises.

In the most severe failures, repair will require telephone or internet contact with the manufacturer. Due to the fact that our company has such a philosophy and that is how we evaluate the future, today we are prepared for this future. We build the structure of the company in such a way that we do not have to earn on spare parts or wear. We think that in the future we will not make money on the service and maintance.

Therefore, the structure of the company, the economic fundamentals of the company's business and development directions are designed, that the company earns once when the machine is sold. First and foremost, however, it should be stressed that this product is designed, that it does not spoil, if it fails, it will be repaired by the operator himself, and spare parts will be available "next door". No need to buy spare parts directly from us. We do not sign exclusive contracts with suppliers because this is not our goal. The operating manual and the spare parts list make it easy to obtain spare parts on the market. We are happy to serve the customer and we want him to buy from us this honor, but on market terms and because we have a better offer.

Delivering products (machines, devices, parts), services (maintenance, trainings) and also technological and financial solutions for our clients which guarantees an increase in competitiveness and profitability of their production.

Constructing and making machines based on newest technologies from the most advanced components, their constant improvement based on experience of our clients and ours in order to reach best quality, efficiency to price attitude.

Company’s good and consequent administration and constant improvement of processes which are going inside it in order to reach good work organisation and a high quality guarantying a high margin with maintenance of the highest client’s satisfaction.

Developement of sales and reaching annual sales gross.

Acquiring the best Staff, setting up ambitious but real targets which guarantee personal development of workers , fair and high remunerations consistent with individual and group achievements and merits for the company.

Our company’s mission is to produce, deliver machines and services based on newest technologies.

EAGLE company’s mission can be described with several rules :

> working knowledge and competence rule

> constant development and technological innovations rule

> a honest attitude towards clients, workers, partners, contractors and competitors rule

> a reliability for charged assignments rule

> a social attitude of companies and people - BE FAIR rule


We care about a good working atmosphere and organisation because it a key factor of good company functionality. We precisely control all production processes beginning with those basic ones and ending with the most complicated ones. We want to reach our goals on the basis of our knowledge and capabilities. We work fast and precise which let us to meet the deadlines of our contracts.

The mission of our company is to manufacture and supply machines and services based on state-of-the-art technologies, manufactured, sold and delivered with respect to the values that are important to the company.